Gerol Investigations

Adam Gerol in his own words

Interview audio from criminal investigation of Adam Gerol, where among other things, Gerol lies by saying "DAs don't do investigation" and he admits to filing criminal charges against an individual for reciting poetry. This information is posted here in the aid of a political campaign to remove Ozaukee County DA Adam Gerol from office, disqualify him from ever running for an office of public trust  again, and send him to jail for malevolent, criminal misconduct in office that his colleagues in the Ozaukee County Wisconsin "judiciary" refuse to penalize or ameliorate. See also State of Wisconsin ex rel Howard Leventhal v. Circuit Court of Ozaukee County, in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Case No. 2023AP000300.

$50k bounty to anyone who finds successful candidate to replace Ozaukee County DA Adam Gerol

March 2, 2023 - Today I made the adjacent post to 1,307 members of the Slack channel of the Country First Movement. I have arranged with outside donors to pay $50,000 to anyone who recruits a successful candidate to replace Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol in the next election, which coincides with the next Presidential election.

Country 1st is an initiative founded by former Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, to reduce enmity between people of differing political beliefs and restore sanity both to public discourse and to the body of jackasses who have somehow infected our local, state and federal governments. Although I am doubtlessly a bleeding heart liberal, I hold nothing against anyone along the entire spectrum to  polar opposite beliefs, so long as such beliefs are based in truth and authenticity. 

Here is what I posted to the Country 1st Slack channel:


Howard L  4:40 AM

Hello All: Adam Gerol, the DA in Ozaukee County, is to say the least a Trump-acolyte with all of Trump's ethos and none of the charisma. In order to boost his "statistics," he routinely manufactures evidence. He has been investigated at least twice for doing this in trade for sex with the ex-wives of men in hotly contested divorce proceedings - to bring criminal charges against such men and thereby oppress these men's ability to maintain contact with their children. He does this for motives not limited to sex for himself, but also for election campaign contributions, which he later converts for his own use to pay for such things as school tuition, personal travel and country club memberships. Adam Gerol is criminally insane and a black stain on Wisconsin's legitimacy as a body politic. I have arranged for a bounty of $50,000 to be paid to anyone who succeeds at finding a successful replacement for this jackass. In other words, if you recruit a candidate who defeats Gerol for the office of DA in the Land of Oz (or any other office this dick runs for), providers of the bounty will pay you $50,000. To listen to a Wisconsin Div of Criminal Investigations interrogation of this jackass, go to this link: . If you want more information or have any candidates to propose, please contact me at

So, if you can find a lawyer anywhere near Ozaukee County who is not a Trump mimic, not criminally insane, who is unwilling to make up bullshit and use it in court to oppress and dominate those of lesser political power - please contact me at the email address above.

Difference between convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh and Ozaukee County WI D.A. Adam Gerol? Balls.

Murderer Alex Murdaugh in hand cuffs

     One thing ya gotta give Alex Murdaugh and the DA who put him in prison: They both have incredible sets of balls. Murdaugh, an unrepentent slimeball and typical lawyer who just got caught - has huge balls for looking everyone in the face and lying about his criminal acts (not that this is atypical of lawyers). That doesn't make any of it right of course. Murdaugh was convicted by a jury of his peers for brutally, wantonly murdering his own family to cover up his financial crimes, one of the most despicable, demonic acts by lawyers of modern times.  But there is no shortage of balls in the "Low Country" region of South Carolina, see:

Adam Gerol not wearing handcuffs, for lack of balls by his "law enforcement" colleagues

    Contrast the Murdaugh case with that of Adam Gerol, another reprehensible, demonic freak of nature with all the hubris of Murdaugh and none of the balls. Gerol does have one thing however in his favor that Wisconsin law enforcement is also endowed with: a total absence of any balls whatsoever.

     Gerol has been investigated no less than three times by the Wisconsin Department of Justice for criminal acts in office. He is the subject of inumerable complaints to the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation for countless frauds on the court. What's more incredible is the total void of balls among any of Gerol's "law enforcement" colleagues to do their jobs and arrest this mother fucker.

    My use of the term "mother fucker" in this context is literal, not figurative, as to Adam Gerol.  He is accused in numerous public filings of having sex with women, mostly mothers, involved in hotly contested divorce proceedings. In exchange he is accused of falsifying criminal charges against the husbands or ex-husbands of those same women, in order to forward these women's psychotic needs to destroy their own childrens' lives by depriving them of fathers.

    But that's not all.

    Gerol, greedy pig that he is, isn't satisfied with a blowjob here or there in the back seat of his Ozaukee County-supplied vehicle. At least the seats are made of that cheap police car vinyl, so the dried cum wipes up easy.  But that's not enough. Gerol also receives cash from these women or their families thinly disguised as "campaign contributions." The funny thing is though, he is on record in a court case* stating that he funds his own campaigns. So what does he do with those "campaign contributions?" He pays school tuition bills, his personal federal tax obligations, country club memberships, personal travel and the like.

     This of course is a federal felony for federal officers like Members of Congress for example, see: In the Land of Oz of course, all the elected officials do it, including but not limited to Her Royal Highness, Chief Judge Sandy Williams, Gerol's predecessor and mentor in the office of Ozaukee County District Attorney - another piece of shit laden with ignorance, arrogance and hubris galore.

    It is the total absence of balls among  those individuals charged with enforcing the law throughout the State of Wisconsin that is most perplexing here. By sheepishly accepting Gerol's mealy-mouthed excuses for his criminal conduct ("I did it but it was a MISTAKE! Honest. Trust me, I'm a lawyer!" Gerol says) - these people collectively flood disrepute, cowardice and invalidity over the entire State of Wisconsin's legitimacy as a body politic.

    Imagine what Gerol would say if any of his victims - the people he fearlessly prosecutes for such horrendous crimes as reciting poetry for example - said something like "I did it but it was a mistake ! Honest!" Such people would be relentlessly prosecuted to the fullest extent of law, milked for $10 phone calls to their mothers while in the Ozaukee County Jail and added to Gerol's "statistics" for publicizing in the next election. ... so he (Gerol) can get more backseat blowjobs and tuition money without earning any of it.

    None of this should be much of a surprise however. Wisconsin is the state that gave legitimacy to the first ever twice-impeached American president and paid more than a million dollars to another jackass: Disgraced former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. Gableman (like most lawyers, for nothing except that million dollars) made up a load of bullshit supporting Trump's election lies. Then Gableman spent almost 2 years wasting Wisconsin taxpayer money trying to "prove" a thing he knew was false. But that's really a lawyer's job when all is boiled away, right? See:

     Want to learn more about the collective pile of shit that lawyers are? Read my book, now for sale on Amazon: "Jail All the Lawyers (Before it's Too Late)" here at this link:

Honest, I did not publish this book to make money. It's $2.99 just so it gets listed on Amazon. I published it to inform the public. If you want a free PDF copy, just ask me at the email address below.

     This fascist criminal mother fucker Adam Gerol must never be allowed into any office of public trust again.  The power to be certain of that lies in the hands of the voting public of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. However to make it more fun, anonymous donors will pay a finder's fee of $50,000 to anyone who recruits a successful candidate for the office of Ozaukee County District Attorney, who takes office after defeating Gerol or after Gerol is shamed out of office or arrested, as he should be. Want to know more? Contact me at the email address below.

*Don't believe me? Send me an email and I'll send you the transcript: HLEV3@AOL.COM

Gerol's retaliatory raid on my home of February 16, 2023

MARCH 27, 2023 - In response to my posts here, Ozaukee County District Attorney ordered a raid on my Racine, WI home by armed agents of the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department. Just like Hitler did, read it here:

Gerol somehow convinced a subnormal Ozaukee County Sheriff's detective named Zachary Gierach, to file a false affidavit underlying a search warrant of my home - which was then endorsed by an empty-headed Racine County judge named Faye Flancher. According to Judge Flancher, she didn't bother keeping any record of the falsified documents. She and the Chief Judge and Deputy Chief Judge who supervise her also claim to be unable to find the falsified documents used to falsify the search warrant.

What this amounts to is an armed robbery of my home, obviously a felony in Wisconsin and every other state. An armed robbery arranged by Adam Gerol, who doesn't like what I've posted here. Just like Adolph Hitler arranged many times, right before sending his political opponents to the gas chambers.

Fuck this guy Gerol. According to Detective Gierach, Gerol stated to the Ozaukee County and State DCI authorities that I am "stalking" him. What I am doing is exercising the right that every American citizen has to engage in non-violent political speech intended to prevent Nazis like Gerol and his accomplice Judge Sandy Williams from being re-elected and from ever holding office again.

What these jackasses are trying to do is intimidate me, convince me to take down this blog and back off my campaign to unseat Gerol. Here is my response: I am doubling the bounty I have offered to anyone who can find a candidate who defeats Adam Gerol in the upcoming November 2024 elections  Up until now I have received commitments for $50,000 to this bounty fund. Today it is increased to $100,000.